The live event for Christian entrepreneurs- February 18th-20th, 2021

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The conference location

The Kingdompreneur Conference is graciously hosted by Southbrook Church, located at 5607 Weddington Rd, Weddington, NC 28104.

Doors open at 5:30 pm on Thursday, Feb 18th. 

Enter the door glass doors at the front of the Children's building (the one shaped like a diamond at the top of the hill).

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The Conference Schedule

Thurs, Feb 18

6pm - 8pm: Session 1

  • Diligence like Daniel
  • guest: Jennifer Allwood
  • Planning like Solomon
  • guest: Michelle Myers

8pm VIP reception


Fri, Feb 19

10am-12pm: Session 2

  • Vision like David
  • guest: Joseph Warren
  • Building like Nehemiah
  • guest: Jamal Miller


2pm-5pm: Session 3

  • Mentorship like Paul
  • guest: Lucretia Berry
  • Attendee Business Spotlight
  • guest: Ray Edwards



Sat, Feb 20

10am- 12pm: Session 4

  • Influence like Esther
  • reflection time
  • Boldness like Peter
  • next steps


2pm- 6pm

  • (optional) The Impossible Run

The Kingdompreneur Conference

Lead with biblical truth while running a profitable business.

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  • Have you ever felt conflicted about living out your faith as a business leader?
  • Does your work in the marketplace feel less important than working in ministry?
  • Do you want to increase your gospel influence but feel pulled in a million different directions?

We get it. We have felt that way too.

But we have good news!

You can start and scale a Kingdom-impacting business that influences a culture desperate for the truths of the gospel and the redemption of all things.

Join us for the Kingdompreneur Conference: an online event dedicated to teaching biblical principles of diligence, planning, vision, building, influence, and boldness to you, the Christian business leader!

Get ready for an incredible time of learning, connection, prayer, reflection, and praise as we set aside three days in February to seek God’s heart for our businesses.

The live event for Christian entrepreneurs-  February 18th-20th, 2021

Grab your livestream ticket for only $129

A personal invitation from Brian:


For years I’ve spoken at and attended two kinds of conferences:

Business conferences where Christians whispered about God between sessions and Christian conferences where business was rarely talked about much less celebrated. But if 2020 has taught us anything it is this: you are only as strong as your foundation. 

As King David penned so many years ago, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” It is time to lean into biblical principles of work, investing, wealth, and stewardship to lead Kingdom-impacting businesses to radically transform a culture desperate for the truths of the gospel and the redemption of all things.

I want to personally invite you to join me online for the Kingdompreneur Conference, February 18th through 20th. I've asked six Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs to share their secrets with us, plus I'll pass on what God has been teaching me about how to use your business to turn the world upside down! (Acts 17:6)

Join us!



Grab your livestream ticket for only $129

Meet our guest experts

To fully implement kingdom principles into your business, it’s important to learn from the wisdom of others. You will hear from six dynamic Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs as they share how their faith has impacted their business.  Their insight and experience will help you launch and scale your business, too!

Jamal Miller

Pastor, entrepreneur, and family man, Jamal is the co-founder of Married and Young and the CEO of Miller Media Group, Inc. From Jamal you will learn a system for starting and scaling a seven-figure membership site to bring radical transformation to your community.

Jennifer Allwood

Best selling author, business coach, and popular podcaster, Jennifer teaches small business owners how to make money online while keeping their faith and family top priority. From Jen you will learn how to stay connected to your spouse while building a team that supports your growing business.

Ray Edwards

As a Communications Strategist and Copywriter, Ray has worked with many New York Times best-selling authors including Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, and Jack Canfield. From Ray you will learn how to authentically live out your faith IN your business while implementing systems and process to scale your business. 

Michelle Myers

As the founder of She Works His Way, Michelle encourages, inspires, and trains women to pursue their passions in life and in business while prioritizing the people and things that matter most. From Michelle you will learn how to think bigger about your business by focusing on Kingdom principles in your business.

Joseph Warren

As a podcaster and business coach, Joseph has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make their FIRST $100K. From Joseph you will learn the Surrender Principle, a revolutionary way to dedicate your business and life to God that will transform every area of your life!

Lucretia Berry

As an educator, author, and co-founder of Brownicity, Dr. Lucretia Berry is passionate about helping people overcome boundaries through spiritual and social consciousness. From Lucretia you will learn how to consider the larger impact of your business on your community and the world.

Meet your host:

Dr. Brian Dixon is a business coach, author, and co-founder of a 4,000+ member writing community. But most of all, Brian is passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

As a sold-out follower of Jesus Christ, Brian knows that you can start and grow a profitable business in an ethical way following kingdom principles to radically provide for your family, impact your community, and change the world.

He started the Kingdompreneur Conference as a gathering of Christian entrepreneurs who desire to integrate biblical principles into their world-changing businesses.

Grab your livestream ticket for only $129

Here's what to expect from the conference:

A time to learn:

You will learn kingdom principles to start and scale a profitable, God-honoring business.

A time to connect:

Through our attendee directory and our online community portal, you will meet other incredible Kingdom Entrepreneurs for encouragement, connection, and collaborations.

A time to pray:

The heart behind the conference is to seek God's vision for our lives and businesses. Every session begins and ends with a time of prayer.

A time to reflect:

Throughout the conference you will have opportunities to journal and reflect. Saturday morning there will also be an extended time of prayer and reflection.

A time of praise:

Each session begins with a time of worship, adoring God our Creator and Father, thanking Jesus Christ for his redemptive work, and asking the Holy Spirit to move in and through us.

The Kingdompreneur Conference is for you if:

You want to start a business but are having trouble with your first steps.
You already have a business but have struggled to grow and scale.
You have a profitable business but haven’t fully dedicated it to God.
You are struggling to find a vision for your life and your business.
You need inspiration for the next season in your business journey.
You want to meet with other believers dedicated to Kingdom business.

Your ticket includes:

Your online ticket includes:


Access to all conference sessions


A profile in our conference directory


Access to our conference portal

Frequently Asked Questions

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Grab your livestream ticket for only $129